John Flechtner is a native of Dallas, Texas. He’s a graduate of Southern Methodist University (SMU) Dallas, Texas. A graduate of Northrop Institute of Technology (NIT) Inglewood, California. He’s a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas. He’s listed in who’s who in Texas publication. He was wedded to Shirley Dean in 1950 and was confirmed by the Protestant Episcopal Church. He served in WWII overseas in the Sixth Air Force command, was employed as an aerospace senior test engineer at Vought Aircraft for eighteen years. He was employed as a civil engineer during the construction of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW Airport). He was employed as a civil engineer with the United States Army Corps of Engineers for twenty years before retiring in 1993. He devoted the past eighteen years in publishing of his three books. The latest of which is being published by Trafford Publishing Company. He studied in the International Bible Study Fellowship (IBSF) for seven years. He’s a member of the Senior Men’s Golf Association in Arlington, Texas, and the proud father of two daughters. His entire family are of the Christian faith.


Shirley dean is a native Texan. She was a professional secretary. She served in World War II at Los Alamos, New Mexico and at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. She is a university alumnus. She is married to John Adam and the mother of two daughters.


They completed an International Bible Study Fellowship’s (IBSF) seven-year study. This study required a daily reading and answering of questions using the New International Bible (NIV) as a reference.

An IBSF yearly session is scheduled from September of each year until May of the next. A participant may enroll at anytime during the yearly session: these are available in many nations.



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